About WaitWell

AboutWaitWellAre you sick and tired of … waiting?! Or are you a healthcare professional and tired of the complaints from your patients about how long they wait to see you?

The irony of it…a patient goes to their healthcare provider to feel better and many times they feel worse …  angry about waiting too long, anxious about getting to their next appointment, what the doctor will say, or even the number on the scale. Of course, the poor experience is anything but intentional, the healthcare providers are many times overburdened and are likely unaware of the experience their patients have waiting.

Until now… now it’s about your time …


WaitWell was founded to address the wasted anxiety filled time spent waiting . We intentionally design time spent waiting both within and outside of the healthcare environment. The result: for patients a healing experience in waiting contributing to their health and well-being; for the healthcare provider a positive, memorable patient experience that improves patient retention and engagement. We have also developed tools that can be helpful in reducing anxiety and inspiring healthy behaviors.

Waiting can be healing…

By intentionally designing the time spent waiting, the experience can be transformed to a reflective, educational, entertaining, relaxing, preparatory, socially relatable experience. Found time in a day of running from fire to fire, something you look forward to.

Our revolutionary six-step process used in Waiting Worx is grounded in original and existing research. It promises to transform current waiting experiences, benefitting the “wait er” and the person/organization causing the waiting. The WaitWell process is a game changer, including Prehab Worx, an educational process that helps individuals use anxiety to drive healthy behaviors and Healing Elements a box of healthy behaviors filled with inspiration.  These tools provide the healthcare provider with a competitive edge and the patient with an exceptional waiting experience, control over anxiety and exposure to new healthy behaviors — waiting that heals.

When you work with us, you will find we are committed to simple, integrated, sustainable outcomes.


VISION: To be the preeminent leader in Waiting Well by redefining and transforming the waiting experience so that wait time is a positive, productive, life enhancing experience.

MISSION: Create evidence based strategies to optimize time spent waiting thereby improving the quality of people’s lives.



  • have a passion for helping people improve the quality of their life
  • do what we say we are going to do
  • are committed to positively impact the community where we do work
  • do the right thing, even when no one is watching
  • are committed to creativity, excellence and delighting our clients
  • are responsive, you won’t have to call us twice AND we ALWAYS meet deadlines, or let you know AHEAD of time why we can’t