Meet Our Founder, Karen

KarenSo glad you stopped by! After 27 years in corporate America, two cancer diagnoses, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, two grown children, and, God willing, a good 50 years left… now what?

My company, WaitWell was conceived from many hours of waiting when I was healing from cancer, both inside and outside of the healthcare environment. There had to be a more productive answer than sitting anxiously for hours with old, rumpled magazines waiting for the unknown.

WaitWell is committed to forever changing your experience of waiting. By creating a body of research to support and strengthen the Waiting Worx process, we continue to collect stories from people like you to help others. Please share your experience by taking this survey on waiting. Click on

Healing Elements, the gift of healthy behaviors, filled with inspiration, combines all I have learned on the first half of the journey to full health … particularly the importance of a fully engaged mind, body and spirit for true healing.

Special people have designed, created and packed the contents of Healing Elements. These are people committed to excellence, goodness and health. I am blessed that these folks were put in my path.

If you are interested, look for more insights/learning in my upcoming blog, “Looking for Miracles.”

Thank you for stopping by, you needn’t be frustrated any longer, WaitWell is working diligently to redefine the experience of waiting.

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