“[My mother-in-law] was very impressed. The products seemed personalized and tailored to her personal medical situation… the healing music topped the cake.”
  • Mike
“Thanks so much for your thoughtful care package that arrived yesterday. Someone has created a very nice and well thought out “cheer up the old patient” gift … I love the [contents]! “
  • Del
“My granddaughter always finds special ways to show me how much she loves me. After being in and out of the hospital, my self confidence was very low and when I received this beautiful package in the mail it lifted my spirits. The gift box was filled with yummy things to eat and special things to pamper my body. I trust my granddaughter when she tells me that the items in the package will help make me feel better. Now I go around smelling like lavender and listening to the singing crystal bowl meditation in the car when my granddaughter drives me around. It’s the little things that add up to make a big difference, and the wellness package has helped me feel hopeful about my situation.”
  • Dora
“What a wonderful surprise to receive such a cute and special get well gift! I loved the combination of treats, soothing elements and the gratitude cards that are allowing me to send thank you notes. I just took a sniff of the #34 calm and hope it will reduce my stress level.”
  • Kathy
 “As I have progressed through my healing journey I’m always on the lookout for another product that will not only help me but could be helpful to those I love. I believe I have found my new favorite product in Healing Elements! Not only was I impressed with howcarefully everything was packaged and organized in the box, but I was also impressed with the quality of the products. This is a beautiful reminder to take care of our health from the good foods we eat to staying positive to lifting our vibrations through meditation. I highly recommend this as a treat for yourself or that special someone in your life who could use a spiritual boost!”
  • Emily
 “WaitWell has put together a beautifully conceived box of varied gift items that meet the needs for comfort, encouragement and simple pleasure when someone is going through a difficult health challenge. My friend responded to her gift by telling me: “as always you know just the right gift to give someone.” Thank you for helping me help my friend. It means so much at times like these!”
  • Ellie, mental health professional