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What if you could use anxiety to feel better? 

Introducing a simple way to minimize the negative impact of the anxiety you have during the time you spend outside the healthcare environment waiting for surgery, a procedure or ongoing treatment.

We can help by teaching you to use anxiety as a driver for healthy behavior!

Prehab Worx is an educational process that teaches healthful behaviors and strategies to take control of stress/anxiety and use it as an advantage. We include your significant other in the process and provide ways for them to be of assistance.

Benefits of Prehab Worx

  • experience diminished fear
  • be an engaged, active participant in your healing process
  • experience a quicker return to health
  • require less pain and need for pain medication
  • strengthen your immune system
  • jumpstart the healing process
  • develop tools to use in future periods of stress

How we do it:

Prehab Worx is a hands-on educational process where you and your significant other will learn:

  • Research supporting the health impact of the skills we teach
  • How to use different techniques to stop anxiety and stress in their tracks
  • What tools work best for you
  • How to create a plan of action
  • Your progress through the use of a well researched diagnostic instrument that measures pre/post anxiety

Prehab Worx can be delivered one on one or through public workshops.

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We are in the midst of creating a webinar.

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