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What if waiting wasn’t so frustrating?

Imagine if:

  • You could prepare for the interface with your doctor to get the most of your limited time with him/her.
    Symptoms and concerns shared, questions answered.
  • You looked forward to the appointment as a time to recharge, relax and learn things that would make your life easier and healthier.
  • You were exposed to the healing benefits of nature, music and aromatherapy.
  • You could nourish yourself with healing tea, delicious coffee or a healthy, tasty snack.
  • The receptionist would call ahead if the doctor was running behind, you were called back in the order you arrived and were kept updated on how much longer you would have to wait.

It is quite possible that your healthcare provider doesn’t even know that you are frustrated with your wait.

Until now…

Waiting Worx – a system that improves outcomes for patients and healthcare practitioners by intentionally designing the waiting time to be more pleasant and productive.

You don’t have to be at the mercy of your doctor’s waiting experience any longer.

**PLEASE NOTE: all information regarding your identity will be kept CONFIDENTIAL unless specified by you on the release form.

You can take action by:

  1. Providing your doctor’s office address in the form. We will send a hard copy of our “Did You Know” document to get him/her thinking about improving your experience. Click here to download the document yourself, or share this article on waiting.
  2. Downloading this coupon for a complimentary, no obligation assessment of the waiting experience and passing it along to your physician/ healthcare practitioner.
  3. Go to bit.ly/waitwellnow to share your own experience of waiting. We are creating a database to identify what patients expect in an exceptional waiting experience.