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What if you could continue building the relationship with your patients outside of the healthcare environment?

Introducing Prehab Worx  … addressing the time spent waiting OUTSIDE of the healthcare environment by providing a sense of control and psychological support for patients coping with health challenges while at the same time improving your relationship with them.

Instruction on how to use anxiety as a driver for helpful behaviors can be delivered on an individual basis with one-on-one coaching and to address the stress associated with a frightening diagnosis or upcoming procedure.

Prehab Worx is also available as a workshop for patients and a companion in a healthcare setting. Patients actively engage in the healing process by practicing skills to cope with anxiety and creating an action plan to use anxiety as a trigger for healthful behaviors. In the literature, preparation of this sort has been linked to better results in surgery.

Prehab Worx also continues relationship building with the patient after his/her visit to the healthcare facility by providing a psychological support to the patient and his or her family during a time of significant stress which is powerful because in the words of the late Maya Angelou, “…people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Prehab Worx also has the potential to direct patients back into the healthcare system for support through community programming, thereby preventing “leakage”. It also provides a third party for reporting patient issues so that problems can be addressed in a timely manner, positively impacting patient experience scores.

Healthcare providers can refer patients for one on one coaching or host a workshop at their office or facility for 10 people (5 patients/5 significant others). The interactive nature of the workshop is the recommended delivery method. The coaching / workshop includes:

  • A brief overview of research encouraging active engagement by the patient
  • Practice using tools
  • Creation of an individual action plan including the role of the significant other during the “waiting time”
  • Follow up with patient, where possible, to monitor adherence to the plan (a key differentiator)

Pre/post anxiety instruments can be used to ascertain impact. A Healing Elements kit is included for each pair of workshop participants.

Here is feedback from one satisfied workshop attendee:

“[Prehab Worx] began to show us that we were not ‘lost’, nor doomed, but had some control over the situation. Cancer diagnosis had made us feel a loss of control that only adds to ever deepening fears. This sense of control was regained in a few short hours … we received a [tool box] and learned the power that would bring to us …that helping hand was one that truly helped both myself and my husband through the most difficult of times during the next 10 months … it was truly a blessing for us”

Here is feedback from a physician whose patients attended the Prehab Worx workshop :

“the program was very successful in that more than 90% of the patients acknowledge significant benefit both in addressing stress prior to the surgery and regarding quicker return to health and less need for pain meds post surgery”.