The innovative Waiting Worx process improves the patient experience by maximizing the potential of the time spent in your waiting and exam rooms.

The right environment helps your patients with their anxiety, healing and relationship with you!

Changing this typically negative experience to a positive one will:

  • Significantly increase referrals, saving time and $ on marketing strategies
  • Improve staff morale, collections and patient loyalty
  • Improve your relationship with patients and patient compliance
  • Decrease tardiness and no shows

How we do it?

Waiting Worx is a six step process including an objective assessment of your waiting/exam room, patient demographics and current processes. The information from the anonymous online assessment assures you get it right!

The assessment analyzes these four key areas:

  • Physical environment
  • Positive distractions
  • Communications/processes
  • Amenities

VitalSignsPageLogoThe data described above is used to create Vital Signs. Vital Signs is a customized, patient centric report for your specific waiting room. The report includes detailed recommendations on cost conscious ways you can improve the patient waiting experience.

Customized Feedback /Evaluation

A comprehensive overview of potential improvements will be presented to key personnel. You CAN’T LOSE because brainstorming and workload/cost feasibility with impacted parties will be included to assure return on your investment for the program within your facility.

All interfaces with your team are crisp and time sensitive focused on maximizing your time. Buy-in of the team implementing ideas is the magic that leads to sustainability, guaranteeing long term value for your investment.

The impact of these changes can be evaluated quarterly with subsequent assessments and debrief opportunities.