“[Prehab Worx] was very successful. More than 90% of the patients acknowledged significant benefit both in addressing stress prior to the surgery, less need for pain medication, and a quicker return to health. I highly recommend [Prehab Worx] for anyone wishing to take an active role in their healing.”
  • P Friedman, MD
“[Prehab Worx] began to show us that we were not ‘lost’, nor doomed, but had some control over the situation. Cancer diagnosis had made us feel a loss of control that only adds to ever deepening fears. This sense of control was regained in a few short hours … we received a [tool box] and learned the power that would bring to us …that helping hand was one that truly helped both myself and my husband through the most difficult of times during the next 10 months … it was truly a blessing for us”s truly a blessing for us. ” patient