Meet John, Chief Researcher





John is responsible for the design, administration and analysis of data from the Triage instrument and creation of the Vital Signs report.


He brings with him a wealth of experiences during his 40 years at GM.  John worked in all major functions within General Motors including Manufacturing, Finance, Sales and Service, Engineering, Market Research, Decision Consulting, Human Resources and Education & Training.




John made unique contributions in many of his jobs.  Some examples include starting the survey group at General Motors, the official provider of surveys for Global Human Resources. John led the survey department that delivered high customer satisfaction (4.8 out of 5) and high value to cost ratio (6:1)


He was recognized as the survey/information/statistical expert in Global HR, responsible for Employee Research Center, e360 performance feedback, Employee Skill Assessment and Course quality measures and General Motors University Metrics and Evaluations. He designed, developed and implemented the learning metrics system for GM.


During his tenure, he also managed GM’s customer tracking studies – both Quality and Buyer Behavior – internal “JD Power” studies. Based upon his knowledge and experience, he was promoted to GM Fellow.

John’s Educational Background:

  • Master Science Industrial Administration (MBA) Krannert Business School – Purdue University
  • Bachelor Mechanical Engineering – General Motors Institute (now Kettering University)