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Have you ever known someone who is suffering; through grief, with a health challenge, diagnosis or the need to change some lifestyle habits for greater well-being?

  • Have you wondered what to do, what to send, what to say?
  • Have you decided to do nothing because of the overwhelming angst about “finding or doing the appropriate thing”?
  • What about you, are you interested in holistic modalities for your own health, but not sure where to start?

Healing Elements, an inspired way to show you care, was born from these challenges.

Research, personal experience and the psychology of stress and anxiety serve as a foundation for the curation of the contents of Healing Elements.

Just a Dose

The Complete Experience

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Healing Elements are hand picked experiences, based on scientific research, selected to support all five senses and encourage healthful living.

Unlike traditional gift baskets, flowers or fruit, Healing Elements provides inspiration and a lasting experience of well-being. In addition to the pure, organic contents and tools for relaxation and gratitude; mental health moments are included in the form of beautifully inspiring well-being reflection cards, a beautiful beach guided imagery and healing music.

To see more details of the Healing Elements, visit the Healing Room.